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Radically energy-efficient
Controlled Environment Agriculture

Energy and Infrastructure in CEA​​

A building used for indoor cultivation is not just a place where value is created or customers served – it is part of the production machine, arguably the key factor defining the ranges of quantity and quality of product output, and a major driver of both capital and operating expenses. One of the first decisions a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) farmer needs to make is which style of facility to use. Until now, there have been only two choices - the classic greenhouse or a sunless vertical farm. But neither of these is effective enough in its use of capital and energy to empower the wave of local food entrepreneurs Canada needs.

Our Missions

​We aim to revolutionize the indoor farming industry through the construction of Near Net-Zero energy smart facilities, whose carbon footprint and energy costs are radically lower than conventional greenhouses and sunless indoor vertical farms.
Our integrated infrastructure platform will make year-round indoor food cultivation more accessible and profitable in Canadian climates.
We strive to empower entrepreneurs and organizations to feed their communities, by making the CEA industry more attractive to new entrants and smaller-scale growers.
We are building a consortium that will include:
growing plants

Indoor Farmers

equipment infrastructure

Suppliers of Equipment, Software and Services to the Industry

 Academics and Researchers 

With our partners and advisors we are exploring the combination of sweet spots that inform the design of facilities that will be dramatically better than today’s greenhouses and warehouse-style vertical farms.  Our project lies at the intersection of three disciplines. Read more about our perspectives on each:

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