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Meet the Team


Founder & CEO

Paul Bishop

Paul is a design thinker with a product development background and extensive experience in solving complex problems.  He holds a degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Information Systems, which he applied in the enterprise software business, as a solution architect,  product manager, partnership manager, team leader and business strategist.  After a successful career in IT for the global telecommunications industry,

Paul has turned these skills toward the deeply meaningful challenges of food, energy and sustainability.

As founder, he brings a systems integration approach to energy tech for CEA, a critical sector that crosses disciplines. 


R&D Associate - Smart Building

Tazrin Priyanka

Tazrin is an Industrial Engineer and energy researcher with experience in renewable energy modeling, building energy simulation, techno-economic analysis, technical and economic feasibility analysis. She is a qualified research professional with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (Engineering Management). She experienced in developing leading-edge solutions for Canadian communities and our climates. She leads our building and environment management systems design stream. Tazrin is an active learner and loves music, books, camping, and exploring the world.


R&D Associate - Clean Energy

Reza Golipour

With his background in power generation project engineering, Reza leads our exploration of optimal ways to integrate renewable energy into the design of CEA buildings and campuses.  He holds masters degrees in both Information Systems and Mechanical Engineering, and has worked as a designer and engineering project manager on both conventional and renewable power projects.

Advisory Board


Gregg Curwin

Gregg founded GoodLeaf farms, a pioneer in CEA that has evolved into Canada’s largest vertical farm operation. He is a serial entrepreneur who frequently speaks on business design, the future of farming and food security.


Trevor Grandy

Trevor is a professional Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in manufacturing engineering, operations management and continuous improvement in numerous industries including the CEA sector. As an experienced design engineering leader in the vertical farming space, he believes in the incredible potential of CEA and is committed to overcoming the challenges of energy and scalability to unlock its benefits for the good of all.


Ryan Wilock

Ryan is an experienced entrepreneur and digital media guru, having founded Popular Records and created several music and media brands. He teaches entrepreneurship and innovation courses at TMU and is a highly sought-after mentor and coach to startups in the Zone Learning program.


Krilen Ramanaidu

Krilen is a horticultural scientist and business development professional working with innovative food and horticultural operations to improve their production system. He's researched novel pest management technologies and developed novel growing technologies with various organizations. He has extensive knowledge on artificial lighting systems, irrigation/fertigation systems, plant genetics and crop improvement. He's passionate about environmental sustainability and works with growers to improve the efficiency of their farms through the adoption of new agricultural technology. He also works with companies to develop and market new agricultural technologies.


Benjamin Schulman

An experienced professional industrial engineer, Ben holds expertise in controlled environment agriculture technology, process optimization, system design, and decision analysis. With a broad background in CEA process/system scaling and technological progression, Ben has a commitment to enhancing sustainability and efficiency and accelerate the growth and success of the CEA and Ag. Tech industry.

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