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Solar Panels on Trees

Green Energy

Solar Panels on Trees
What we believe

Indoor food cultivation is on the rise, and even in the best cases, it requires significant amounts of electricity. Generating clean on-site power can enhance both environmental friendliness and profitability of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

The growth of indoor farming presents an opportunity for Canada's renewable energy transition. Properly managed, it can aid grid balance rather than exacerbate the stability and capacity challenges that this transition brings. For a new industrial facility, the ideal balance between electricity purchase and self-generation hinges on factors like local utility costs and environmental impact. Even in places where grid electricity is currently cheap, the rising carbon tax and falling cost of self-generation infrastructure are changing this sweet spot.

We are designing a new class of CEA facility 

It will be largely self-sufficient in energy, considering the capabilities and economics of :  

Solar PV & wind power in peri-urban places

Industrial battery storage

Microgrids for buildings with large DC loads

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