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Architecture & Building Technology

Our perspective

Indoor food cultivation represents a promising new application for smart and high-performance buildings. While substantial knowledge exists on energy-efficient building design in residential and commercial sectors, this expertise has yet to be effectively translated into the agro-industry domain. Harnessing this untapped potential could pave the way for innovative and sustainable indoor food production, revolutionizing the way we approach agriculture in urban environments.

Non-Residential Passive Building Design

Source: Urban Organic Yield

HVAC for Crop-Growing Environments 

Source: Open Lighting Product Directory

Adaptive Lighting & Shading
Screenshot 2023-08-06 230404.png
Grower-Centric Building Management Systems

Big challenges

Optimizing use of sunlight and free heating/cooling

Range of building sizes from a common pattern

Design pattern applicable in much of Canada

Intensive, space-efficient cultivation

Multiple crops, multiple growers

Underexploited resources

Thermal energy storage

The excesses and wild swings of Canada's climate

Synergy with other building types - waste heat & CO2

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